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Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning can be very challenging and we can make it much easier with an ultrasonic cleaner. We had the opportunity to capture one of our happy customers at work. In this company they use the PRO 600 ultrasonic cleaner from our Industrial line of cleaners.

They have a production of industrial plastic molds. They produce thousands of these little molds and work continuously for hours every day. Every week or two, the machine needs to be properly cleaned.

The process takes some time, but the actual work is effortless:

  1. Prepare the solution, add preheated water for fast and effective cleaning
  2. Add the parts for cleaning into the cleaner
  3. Set the timer (in this particular case the cleaning time was 4 hours)
  4. Let the machine do its work and work on other things in the meantime
  5. Wash the parts with fresh water and rinse

Check out the process of cleaning and how it works in this short video.



We clean, We restore, We revive


More things should be preserved and cleaned instead of replaced with new ones. Our idea is to give you the best option for your Home or Work environment.

Customer care

We offer full support and knowledge about ultrasonic cleaning. Our team is ready to improve your work and help you work more efficiently than ever.


Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of Ultrasonic cleaning with a wide range of application.

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