Large capacity ASonic PRO ultrasonic cleaners are intended for advanced users and professionals that require long lasting cleaning of large objects at high temperature (up to 80°C).

Ultrasonic transducers in large capacity PRO cleaners work at 28 kHz and their power can be adjusted (30-100%) with digital controls. These ultrasonic cleaners have hardened stainless steel tanks, resistant to acids and corrosion, which enables them to work long cleaning cycles up to 24h.

Generator with display (time, power, temperature) is built into the body of the ultrasonic cleaner.

Some units have wheels on bottom and are easily movable, while othunits have fixed legs. Tank has 10 – 20 mm insolation on the inside, to reduce heat loss in the tank and overheating inside of the unit.

Our PRO industrial models have stainless steel (SUS 304) tanks, which are 2 – 2,5 mm thick and therefore they provide for long lifetime of the ultrasonic cleaners. Seamless tank and housing prevents water leakage.

Transducers are attached to the bottom of the tank by a combination of screwing on welded threads and gluing, thus creating a homogeneous whole with the tank. This technology allows for continuous cavitation and a longlife of ultrasonic cleaner.

Cleaners are equipped with industrial transducers with power 50-60 W and frequency 28 kHz, which ensure strong power of ultrasonic effect. Ultrasonic transducers are activated by a driver inside the unit which enables cleaners to work with stable ultrasonic effect and run safely.

Electronics for industrial ultrasonic cleaners have been developed with the optimal operation of transducers, heating plates and easy operating system with a wide range of users in mind.

Heating in ASonic ultrasonic cleaners is via MCH heating chips with heating power 100 W. There is minor difference between the real water temperature and the panel readout which in ±1°C range.

Each ultrasonic cleaner comes with stainless steel lid, standard basket, power cord and user guide.

For all those who do not like the offered models, please contact us and we will prepare you an offer for custom made ultrasonic cleaner.

For details on each individual ultrasonic cleaner, please look through the PDF below, or visit our online store by clicking here.

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