Avene is a international company, which is present in the south-eastern European markets. Its visibility in the market to build representation and sale of high quality technical products of renowned brands.


Aim of our company is to follow the market needs, technological progress and to walk in step with global trends while ensuring customer satisfaction.


ASonic is quickly becoming a known brand associated with ultrasonic cleaning. Our biggest market right now is Slovenia and increasing orders are coming from all over Europe. We also get orders from across the world, countries like Philippines, Vietnam and the USA.

Avene d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 134
1000 Ljubljana
Sloveniija, EU


M: 041 566618
E: order (et)


Registration number: 6040837000
ID no. for VAT: SI48423114
Transaction account: SI56 0318 6100 1656 589 (SKB)
The company is registered at the District Court of Ljubljana.

Working hours:
Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday & holidays: Closed

We clean, We restore, We revive


More things should be preserved and cleaned instead of replaced with new ones. Our idea is to give you the best option for your Home or Work environment.

Customer care

We offer full support and knowledge about ultrasonic cleaning. Our team is ready to improve your work and help you work more efficiently than ever.


Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of Ultrasonic cleaning with a wide range of application.

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