Cleaning concentrates

ASonic cleaning concentrates are specially formulated to help dissolve impurities and to reduce surface tension of cleaning liquid thus enabling better penetration of cavitation bubbles which perform separation of impurities.

Besides ultrasonic power, temperature and processing time, specially balanced cleaning concentrates are also necessary to achieve optimal ultrasonic cleaning results.

ASonic offers a wide range of adequate low foaming cleaning concentrates. All of the ASonic ultrasonic cleaning concentrates are specially developed for ultrasonic application. With their properties that aid to cavitation, the cleaning concentrates improve the
cleaning process and are gentle to the material at the same time.

It’s now easier than ever to control your cleaning costs whilst maximizing your performance with ASonic concentrates. The concentrates have formulation to clean the most difficult soils whilst making your cleaning operation more efficient. The usage of concentrates
shortens the cleaning time significantly. The cavitation improving and material protecting features allow for a maximum effect of the
ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning concentrates are available in 1, 5 and 25 litre canisters.

For details on each individual product, please look through the PDF below, or visit our online store by clicking here.

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