HOME Series

Home models of our ultrasonic cleaners are made for cleaning of various items for home or hobby use. Due to its smaller sizes they’re ideal for cleaning smaller items where shorter cleaning periods are enough.

Simple display enables easy and fast use in our everyday life. Cleaning and degreasing jewelry, watches, glasses, toothbrush heads, cosmetic brushes, baby gear, vegetables and fruits and so much more.

Tanks of these ultrasonic cleaners are made from a single piece of stainless steel (SUS304). Tranducers are attached to the bottom of the tank with combination of screwing on welded threads and gluing, thus creating a homogeneous whole with the tank. This technology allows for continuous cavitation and a long life of ultrasonic cleaner.

Each ultrasonic cleaner comes with appropriate cover, cleaning basket and power cord.

For details on each individual ultrasonic cleaner, please look through the PDF below, or visit our online store by clicking here.

We clean, We restore, We revive


More things should be preserved and cleaned instead of replaced with new ones. Our idea is to give you the best option for your Home or Work environment.

Customer care

We offer full support and knowledge about ultrasonic cleaning. Our team is ready to improve your work and help you work more efficiently than ever.


Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of Ultrasonic cleaning with a wide range of application.

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